The RF Scanner is an Antenna Pattern Characterization, measurement, and Diagnostic Tool on your lab-bench.


The RF Scanner is a compact bench-top scanner that characterizes antennas in your own lab environment in real-time. 

The RF Scanner measures the amplitude and phase of near-field magnetic emissions and uses these data provides far-field patterns, bisections, EIRP and TRP and other parameters in seconds. 

The RF Scanner give insights into the root causes of antenna performance challenges and help troubleshoot far-field radiation patterns in real-time.

  • Frequency Range of 300 MHz to 6.0 GHz

  • Far-Field Patterns and Bisections including EIRP / TRP / PRD, Circular and linear polarization and axial ratio patterns

  • Near-Field Insights such as Amplitude and Phase distribution available in  seconds

  • Gain, Efficiency and S11 chart with Supported VNAs

  • “Real-time” real-fast

  • Can be used to evaluate either standalone (i.e. passive) antennas or antennas that are embedded in wireless devices (i.e. active antennas). 

  • Simple set up and Easy to use

RFScanner provides far-field patterns, bisections, EIRP and TRP in seconds. Novel near-field  results, including amplitude, polarity and phase give insights into the root causes of antenna performance  challenges and help troubleshoot far-field radiation patterns.


To view and/or download RFScanner resources, simply click on the links below: 

Data Sheets Set-up Guide Videos

Product Features

Capability 2D and 3D near-field patterns (amplitude, phase and polarization)
Far-field patterns and bi-sections (cartesian and polar)
Graph S
Calculate gain and efficiency
Circular Polarization: Right (RHCP) and left hand circularly polarized patterns (LHCP) and Axial
Ratio (AR)
Scan time Seconds
Supported network analyzers Most of the common Keysight & R&S VNAs
Please contact us for more information
Supported operating systems Windows 10®
Warranty One year, optional 3-years warranty and 5-years warranty


Broadband frequency coverage 300 MHz to 6 GHz
Measurement sensitivity 0 dBm source power for a reasonably efficient antenna
Measurement accuracy TBD
Measurement repeatability +/- 0.2dB
Far-field resolution 1.8° for theta and 3.6° for phi
Maximum radiator size  L 16cm x W 10cm (L 6.30" x W 3.94")
Resolution Bandwidth Resolution Bandwidth = IF Bandwidth of 60MHz
Probe to probe uniformity Calibrated before shipment
Firmware correction factors adjust for frequency dependent probe responses with < +/= 0.5dB accuracy
Probe to probe isolation > 20 dB
Maximum radiated power +33 dBm
Operating temperature From 15°C to 40°C (continuous fixed frequency scan at 2440 MHz)
Modulation formats GSM / CDMA / WCDMA / Wi-Fi / WMAX / LTE
Custom antenna
Scanner connections PC: USB
Power: 6 VDC 3.0A
Dimensions L 32.1cm x W 24cm x H 7cm (L 12.64" x W9.45" x H 2.76")
Weight 3.8kg / 8.38lb (including cables and adaptor)