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TMYTEK is a company that provides mmWave solutions for 5G and satellite communications.​ As a mmWave total solution provider, TMYTEK dedicates to solve all the mmWave challenges in 5G/B5G era with our members of mmWave and software integration experts.
Not only can we provide mmWave products and services, we are able to integrate them with software control which makes it very user friendly.

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5G mmWave NR Beamforming Dev Tool

A ready to use mmWave device is hard to find out in the market. TMYTEK built BBox and series devices to meet the demands of R&D and production line. Flexibility is the key to BBox. Detachable antenna and active parts (PA/LNA/Phase shifter/TR switch) are connected via high-frequency SMPM connectors.

Bbox One

Key Feature

  • Operating Frequency: 26.5 to 29.5 GHz
  • Designed for 5G n257 band (including n261 band)
  • Up to 16 controllable RF channels with the choice of 4×4 or 8×8 series patch antenna
  • Each channel provides:
    – 360˚ phase shifter coverage with 5˚ per step
    – RMS phase error: 4˚ (typical)
    – 15 dB attenuation range with 0.5 dB per step
    – RMS attenuation error: 0.35 dB (typical)
    – Input / Output matching: -10 dB (typical)
  • T/R half duplex operation
  • 5 ms T/R mode mode switching time (typical)
  • 5 ms beamsteering time (typical) *1
  • PC software control via RJ-45 Ethernet interface

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5G/B5G Beamforming Educational Kit

BBoard helps university professors save time and effort in courseware preparation. By adjusting the phase and the gain of each RF channels and observing the result on instrumentation, students can establish the connection between the theory and the real-world.


Key Feature

  • Affordable mmWave beamformer
  • 5G FR2 supported: 26.5-29.5 GHz and 37.0-40.0 GHz
  • 360 deg phase range with 5.625 deg resolution (6-bit)
  • 15 dB gain range with 0.5 dB resolution
  • 4 bi-directional RF channels with PAs, LNAs, PSs, and TR switches
  • GUI and API ready

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UD Box

NR Up-down Converter

5G protocol developers can verify the beam tracking algorithm and protocols by connecting BBox™ and UD Box to the baseband instrument such as NI USRP.

With TMYTEK’s beamtracking solution, telecom carriers now can do Far Field Assessment Simulation for 5G mobile base station without spending huge amounts of budget.

UD Box

Key Feature

  • RF: 24-44 GHz; IF: 0.01- 14 GHz
  • Built-in LO with precise OCXO
  • 10/100 MHz synchronization
  • Optional Accessories: BPFs for 5G NR
  • n257/n258/n260 bands; 0.01-40 GHz amplifier

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of UD box Software

We have GUI and API available for developers to control the LO frequencies of the UD Box as well as channel and reference ON/OFF functions. Our GUI is called the TMXLAB kit which integrates most of our products into a single user interface. On the other hand, API is made ready to help production line automation and research environment for more extensive controls.

Is UD Box tied to specific instruments? If so, what are the list of instruments it is compatible with?

No, UD Box is not tied to any brand/instruments. It is compatible with almost all types of signal generators and analyzers available on the market. Please consult us if you would like to make sure if UD Box is compatible with your current application scenario and existing instrument.

Which frequency bands does UD Box cover for 5G communications (i.e. n257, n260…)?

UD Box RF frequency ranges from 24 to 44 GHz which covers all of the 5G RF2 frequency bands from n257 to n261.

I didn’t see any filter at the RF port for image rejection in the datasheet schematic. Is image from the IF conversion rejected by filter in the UD Box?

UD Box is a broadband device so the image rejection filter is not built-in. We have optional filters that you can choose to filter the unwanted signals or we can design customized filter to fulfill the band you are interested in.

Can UD Box work with Vector Network Analyzers for S21 measurements?

Yes, our UD Box along with our VNA Cal-Kit can upgrade lower class/frequency VNA to high frequencies for S21 measurements.