Walter Lemmen

Walter Lemmen GmbH offer a wide range of products for industry, laboratories, research and development centers. Our product portfolio consists of all types of equipment necessary for the PCB production. Single sided and double sided boards, through hole plated or multilayer PCB of professional quality are quickly available. An extensive range of accessories e.g. copper boards and chemicals completes our product program.

Beside the standard program, Walter Lemmen offer different apparatus on customers requests. We are ready to assist you with our technical experience and our state-of-the-art know-how in planning and construction your equipment.

PCB Technology


Equipment for the manufacture of printed circuit boards

The demand for finer and more complex structures, small components and  flexible materials is growing rapidly. As a result, the company is expected to  be fast and flexible in implementing the new technologies with available high quality equipment. 

The Walter Lemmen Ltd. has a perfectly matched equipment program. It convers the entire manufacturing process to produce high quality printed circuit  boards with complex structures. Additionally it convers fine conductor plates, widths and distances on different base materials.

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