Ucamco has completed the transition from Ucam to UcamX.

UcamX’ parallel processing power, its newly designed and intuitive user interface, and its support for 64bit operating systems make it the perfect tool for any CAM operator who wants to achieve higher levels of performance and productivity. From now on, Ucamco will focus its R&D efforts on the further development of UcamX exclusively. We do not plan any further releases of our Ucam product, but obviously we continue to support our existing Ucam customer base.     

We have put great effort in making an upgrade to UcamX extremely simple and straightforward. The job archive, the DPF files, scripts, software set-ups,… everything created in Ucam is 100% compatible with UcamX. Ucam operators do not lose the skill acquired over years, and will quickly become proficient in UcamX.

Even better, as a Ucam customer under warranty or with a maintenance contract, you are entitled to a free-of-charge upgrade to UcamX, and in case you are not, we have upgrade packages on offer that will let your current CAM product evolve into UcamX at very attractive prices. Please contact your local sales agent for further information.

Visit the UcamX product page and find out all of its highlights and benefits.

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