Webinar: Transmission Line and Track Design in Altium Designer

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Understanding how to design transmission lines with controlled impedance and desired bandwidth is an important skill in high speed PCB design, but you don’t have to do all of these calculations by hand. Altium Designer includes a range of features to help automate these important tasks in high speed design, and it’s all accessible inside your standard high speed routing tools. Join this webinar to learn more about routing and signal integrity for transmission lines for high speed digital PCBs.

Webinar Agenda:

  • What makes a PCB design a high-speed design?

  • Impedance profile for Routing

  • Length Matching 

  • Pre and Post layout Signal Integrity Analysis

  • Live Demonstration

Date & Time

August 24, 2021

2:00 PM 2:45 PM Asia/Singapore

PCB GraphTech Pte Ltd

(65) 6909 5450, (65) 6909 5452

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