Altium Designer Advanced Training (Inclass)

This 3-day course is aimed for students who has laid a firm foundation through Altium Designer Basic Level Training. The main objective is to enable participants to use Altium Designer to drive their skill forward and require the more advanced features to efficiently tackle more complex design challenges. 

Students will receive an Altium Training Certificate upon successful completion of this course.


Students who complete this class will be able to use more powerful Altium Designer features to improve their board layouts and dramatically reduce design time.


Experienced Altium users are ideally suited for this course.

Module 1: Schematic Design Directives & Classes

Module 2: Via Stitching and Via Shielding

Module 3: Smart Paste and Smart Grid Tools

Module 4: Version Control

Module 5: Design Reuse using Snippets and Device Sheets

Module 6: Multi-Channel

Module 7: Pad Via Library

Module 8: Back Drill

Module 9: Embedded Board Array

Module 10: Pin Swapping

Module 11: Variants

Module 12: Reverse Engineering

Module 13: MCAD & ECAD Collaboration

Module 14: Length Tuning

Module 15: BGA Fanout

Module 16: Rigid-Flex Design

Module 17: High-Speed Design with Xsignals

Date & Time

September 22, 2021

Start - 9:00 AM Friday

September 24, 2021

End - 5:00 AM Singapore

PCB GraphTech Pte Ltd

51 Bukit Batok Crescent, #07-15
Unity Centre
(65) 6909 5450, (65) 6909 5452
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PCB GraphTech Pte Ltd

(65) 6909 5450, (65) 6909 5452

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