On-demand InkJet Printing System

Board Securing System

A unique board securing system that corrects board warpage.

By firmly securing horizontally,

satellites and character distortions are minimized.

Vacuum Table

Vacuum table uses vacuum pressure to secure the boards.

With the vacuum suction, boards with through holes can be secured flat. *1

Automated 4 Side Edge Clamp + Vacuum (Optional)

Automated 4 side edge clamp with vacuum supports auto loader/unloader to thoroughly correct warpage.

It is the most suitable system to be used with loader/unloader since board is automatically clamped.

1. Automated 4 Side Edge Clamp + Vacuum “Rectangle Type” Optional

Rectangular clamps securely clamp along the edges and corners. Minimum board thickness is 0.6mm. *1 *2

2. Automated 4 Side Edge Clamp + Vacuum “Round Type”  Optional

Clamp fingers are made in a round shape. Even thin boards can be clamped securely without limitation to the board thickness. *1 *2

*1  Vacuum pump required
*2  With following board size, there shall be one side that cannot be clamped, thus it shall be clamped for 1–3 sides: 6151 type – 15.7 x 13”(400 x 330mm), 7861 type – 20 x 13”(510 x 330mm)