Communic8tor is a cloud service, offered by Ucamco

  • It provides a platform for bi-directional communication between the PCB manufacturer, PCB designer and any other party potentially involved in the manufacturing process

  • It provides access to image data, annotations, questions and answers and keeps a full communication history for traceability and archiving purposes

Share full PCB details

A fabricator uploads the job data requiring clarification to Communic8tor’s light-weight graphical user interface. The on-screen toolbox provides all functionality to place call-outs, arrows, texts and dimensions on the live image. With Communic8tor’s unique side-by-side viewing capabilities, he can present a problem situation and the proposed solution to it one next to the other. Chat-like annotations provide an area to write in more technical detail. It is frighteningly simple and ever so elegant.

Revolutionize your customer communication

Communic8tor is a revolutionary, cloud-based platform bridging the gap in the communication between designer and fabricator. It provides a safe and user-friendly environment for clear and efficient communication between all parties involved in PCB production                 

Clear and clutter-free user interface 

Go for traceable...

All communication is centralized on a secured cloud server and can be downloaded for archiving and long-term storage along with the rest of the job data. Traceability guaranteed…

Go for bi-directional...

When the designer logs on to the Communic8tor platform. He is looking at the exact same image as the fabricator. The annotations guide him to wherever his assistance is required.

No longer does he need to turn to his design system to have a clear view: he can scan the adjacent areas and query other layers to assess the situation. As soon as he has, the same intuitive Communic8tor tools are at his disposal for marking something on the live image and posting his response.

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