What's new in Altium Designer?
Update 23.4

New in Harness Design: 3D wireframe View And Ability to Add Models to Connection Points

In the Layout Drawing, it is now possible to show the Physical (3D) model for a connector as a wireframe view and also, for a connection point, display the Physical (3D) model of one of its associated parts.


Circuit Simulation support for Output Values in AC Analysis for Controlled Sources and Variable Passives

We’ve now added support for voltage and current controlled sources, functional sources and variable passive components for voltage, power and current output variables in the AC analysis. Great for audio projects, communication designs, and other design types. Plus we’ve added support for multi-bit ADC and ROM PSPICE digital model primitives as well as their timing models.


Live Traces & Fixed Aspect Ratios for Harness Wiring Diagram Objects

Live traces actively follow your cursor, showing you the way to your final wire destination. Allowing you to move more efficiently in the wiring diagram. Wiring diagram objects are now synced with the documents snap grid, bringing a new level of uniformity to the diagram.


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Public Release Notes for Altium Designer 22.9
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