What's New in Altium 365 - September 2023

We're excited to share some remarkable enhancements, updates, and announcements for Altium 365. Here are some highlights:

  • Access component data in Altium 365 with the SiliconExpert Integration, which enhances part information and risk assessments, allowing you to design with confidence.

  • Simplify design reviews with an improved PCB Compare inspired by beta tester feedback.

  • Open a Multi-board project from the main Projects page and find tabbed options for schematic (MBS) and board assembly (MBA) views.

  • Discover the concept of "Guests" in Altium 365, designed to distinguish external users from workspace members.

  • Read the new Forrester study “Total Economic Impact of Altium 365” to learn how engineers are using Altium 365 to save 159+ hours per year.

  • Learn how SOC 2 Type 2 reinforces Altium 365's security controls to process customer data.

  • Connect with trusted partners who are experts in electronic design and Altium 365 through our Contractor Portal.

  • Explore Altium MCAD CoDesigner 3.5.0 and learn about our new harness synchronization capability, multi-board support for PTC Creo, and several other new features.

  • Read how Team Ribbot became a top-4 World Champion BattleBot by using Altium 365’s real-time collaboration tools.

If you have any thoughts or feedback about Altium 365, please join the discussion on the Altium 365 forum. If you have a time-sensitive issue, please get in touch with our support. If you would like to report a bug, please use Bugcrunch.

Altium 365 Integrates with SiliconExpert

Altium is excited to announce our new integration of SiliconExpert within Altium 365! This integration provides access to a wealth of component data directly within the Altium 365 WebViewer, the Manufacturer Part Search, Components Panel, and your ActiveBOM, enhancing your design process and decision-making capabilities.

Altium 365 PCB Compare Feature is Released

We thank our beta testers for their valuable feedback. Altium 365's PCB Compare simplifies the design review by efficiently analyzing design differences and accuracy across releases and commits.

Altium 365 Web Viewer's Multi-Board Schematic (MBS) and Assembly (MBA)

The Altium 365 Web Viewer interface provides universal access to Multi-board projects through a web browser, allowing you to perform standard operations like opening, sharing, and renaming.

Guest Users in Altium 365

Altium 365 has introduced a new update that improves visibility and project management for external users. This update introduces the concept of "Guests" to identify and differentiate external users from workspace members.

New Forrester Study: The Total Economic Impact™ of Altium 365

We're excited to announce the results of a study conducted by Forrester Research Consulting on the impact of the Altium 365 cloud-based electronics design collaboration platform. The findings reveal significant efficiency gains realized by organizations worldwide, establishing Altium 365 as a trusted platform that saves engineers hundreds of hours annually.

Altium 365 SOC 2 Type 2

We are pleased to announce that Altium 365 has achieved SOC 2 Type 2 certification, demonstrating our dedication to upholding the highest security standards to process users’ data.

Altium 365 Contractor Portal

We are thrilled to introduce the Altium 365 Contractor Portal, an exciting new platform designed to connect you with trusted partners who are experts in electronic design and Altium 365.

Altium MCAD CoDesigner 3.5.0

The latest version of Altium MCAD CoDesigner is here! New capabilities include harness synchronization that enables easy transfer of harness definitions between ECAD and MCAD for efficient cable routing and connections. The update also brings multi-board assembly support for PTC Creo, fostering collaborative design of multi-board setups. Additionally, enhancements cover smoother component model processing, optimized workspace folder features, and compatibility with the latest MCAD software versions

Pushing the Limits of the BattleBots Arena With Ribbot

Unleash the power of Altium 365 with Team Ribbot as they dominate the BattleBots arena! Discover how this dynamic team harnessed Altium 365's collaborative PCB design platform to push boundaries and create a winning robot. Real-time global collaboration, streamlined design iterations, custom components, and excellent engineering all came together to secure victory. Enjoy this thrilling customer story!

That is all we have to share with you this time. Check out our Altium 365 tutorial and say “hi” at one of the live training sessions we host several times a month.

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