Public Release Notes for Altium Designer 22.3.1
Build Number: 43

For a summary of new features and subsequent improvements in Altium Designer 22, see New in Altium Designer.

Altium Designer Version 22.3.1
Build: 43 Date: 16 March 2022

The following sections list the release notes for publicly released versions of Altium Designer 22.3.1 Build 43.


4769 - 
When attempting to change multiple selected components via the Properties panel, if a different library is selected as the Source, the Component Source dialog appears. When the Select button is clicked the Replace dialog opens to choose the replacement, but instead of updating all currently selected components the Replace dialog would reappear for each of the selected components. (BC:11607)

47757 Updates (such as footprint and parameter changes) to components that were used as an alternate part in a Variant, were not propagating through to the design when an Update Schematics or Update Parameters command was run. (BC:7574)

48492 Improved the performance of dragging components on a schematic sheet that has a large number of components and wires.

48801 A new "Display Name of Special String" option added to the Schematic - Graphical Editing page of the Preferences dialog. When enabled, each special string has its name displayed as a faint superscript.

49034 Net name negation using the trailing backslash character was not working for Power Ports. (BC:4186)


An access violation would sometimes occur during differential pair routing if the PCB file was stored in a OneDrive folder.

47327 The Heads Up Display would remain visible on top of all other applications after switching from Altium Designer to a different Windows application. (BC:9923)

47714 While attempting to place a linked 3D STEP model via the Place > Extruded 3D Body command, the model would automatically switch to the Embedded mode. (BC:13236). This ticket also corrected an issue where, if changes were made to a STEP model that was linked to a PCB, when that PCB was reopened and the linked model automatically updated, the model location and orientation were not correctly maintained, resulting in the linked model moving. (BC:7034)

47981 - Performing a 3D measurement between a 3D object and the board surface or board edge, reported a distance of zero.

48177 The Footprint Comparison Report would give a false failure on a component if: the component had been rotated, and the component included an extruded 3D Body object with an arc in its outline.

48189 Assembly Testpoint Style Component Body Clearance violations were not always being detected during online DRC, and were not reported after a batch DRC. (BC:14687)

48548 Differential pair reported signal length was not the same in the PCB panel and the tuning gauge during interactive length tuning, when the pair included vias.

48572 Improved usability for Top-Middle-Bottom and Full Stack editing in the Via mode of the Properties panel.

48840 Connected traces were unrouted when reroute failed after a component move.

49001 A trace would disappear when dragging a corner.

49149 Changing a via type (e.g. thru to blind, or blind to thru) could result in a broken net or a short circuit, which was not being detected as a design rule violation.

49196 For a specific design project an Access Violation would result when the Retrace Selected command was run on a partially selected accordion.


On-site Workspaces (Concord Pro and NEXUS Server) did not display the Project History correctly.

48907 Switching between Workspaces or signing out of a Workspace would result in the software disconnecting from the Private License Server.

Data Management

48389 To reduce potential for confusion when using the Soft Locks feature, if a user has made changes to a document more than two days ago, a second user opening the same document will not see that the first user is 'editing' the document, but rather a clearer state of ' made changes locally on ' . In addition, the icon used in the Projects panel will change to gray, indicating that this is a change made more than two days ago and not an active editing session by that first user.

48778 User ranking of an existing Part Choice was not being saved.

48814 It was not possible to navigate through the different project Comment dialog options (such as the list of suggested email recipients), using the keyboard.

48836 - A project that has a broken ProjectGUID did not result in the "Fix Version control link" dialog opening, as it should have.

48892 - When there was a remote VCS repository connected to a local repository (which does not require authorization), the software would still prompt for authorization credentials when a VCS action was performed. (BC:17786)

48966 - If a component included a ranked Part Choice, attempting to remove another Part Choice would remove that one and the Part Choice below it.


45807 - The 'μ' character is now supported as the SPICE suffix 'u' =1e-6.

48833 - The speed of plotting simulation waveforms has been significantly improved.

48835 - The speed of the simulation process has been significantly increased when running multiple analyses.

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