Altium Discountinued
Effective from 1st Janurary 2023

Customers with Altium Designer licenses off subscription will no longer be able to reactivate their subscription at a discounted rate. A full-price license will need to be purchased to get the latest version of Altium Designer.

Customers can still use their Altium Designer perpetual license but will not be able to reactivate their subscription after this program ends*.

To help with this transition Altium is offering a special pricing for multiyear subscriptions. Explore your pricing options now to take advantage of this limited-time offer!

  Always be ready for your next design challenge by reactivating your subscription today before this program ends. You’ll get immediate access to the latest product design and collaboration capabilities as they become available.

Who is affected by this notice?

Customers who are still using an older version of Altium Designer and not under maintenance plan.

What does "discontinue" reactive license mean?

You are no longer eligible to reactivate/upgrade your old Altium Designer licenses from January 1, 2023.

The only way to use the most recent Altium Designer version is to buy a new license.

 I am on the maintenance plan, are my licenses affected?

No, you can continue to upgrade to the latest version every year as long as you are on a maintenance plan.

What you missed in 2022

Altium Designer Releases

 New release each month

 100+ ideas implemented and Bugs fixed

 3+ new integrations

 Enhanced Supply Chain intelligence for stock, prices and risks to predict and fight shortage consequences

Altium Designer Releases
New and Improved

 Reuse Blocks

 PCB Health Check Monitor

 Schmatic Multifunctional Pin Names

 Custom Pad Shapes

 Variant Management 2.0 And more!

Altium 365 Features
New and Improved

 Library Health Dashboard

 Conflict Prevention

 BOM View and Commenting

 Reuse Blocks and Snippets

 Gerber, Schematic, and PCB Compare and more!

What you missed in 2023

Planned Product Design Features

 Harness Design

 Multiboard MCAD CoDesign

 Multiboard Component Management

 Multiboard Altium 365 Web Viewer

Planned Teamwork Features

 Next Generation Compare and Merge

 Task Management

 Draftsman BOM Comments

Other Planned Features

 Custom Pad Stacks

 Enhanced Constraint Manager

 Improved Variant Mangement

 Footprint Parameters

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